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PUPUFU Desk Pad & Valet Tray Set Gaming Mouse Pad PC Laptop Computer 35" x 17"

PUPUFU Desk Pad & Valet Tray Set Gaming Mouse Pad PC Laptop Computer 35" x 17"

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Desk cover mat 1Pcs and Leather Valet Tray 1Pcs

About this item:

✅【desk mat 35.4x17.2inch+Valet Tray 17.5x9x2.5inch】2 in1 desk pad blotter set,Perfect for decorating your desk, desk writing pad will make the desk neat, beautiful and practical.Large desk pad can hold keyboard and mouse,cup,computer.its smooth surface will let you enjoy writing,typing and browsing can be used as a mouse pad.Leather Valet Tray is made of high-grade PU material,it is perfectly designed for drawer,desk nightstand,dresser top,entryway shelf storage or any flat space.

✅【Tough Durable Material and Double-dided use】The large mouse pad Made of premium PU leather material with durable construction,Leather desk pad ,both sides have different colors,can be used on both sides,waterproof,oil-proof,easy to clean,you can just wipe the surface with a damp cloth.Brown and Pink PU leather materials make the catchall tray a good quality leather valet tray,which is a lovely gift choice for home decoration.

✅【Large Leather Valet Tray:Office Scene】Can be used to store daily items on the desk side by side,such as folders,cell phones,glasses,wallets, key fobs,There are two recesses on the storage box to put the charging pad in to power your computer and cell phone on top of the desk while achieving a tidy desk surface.Easy to clean the desk,you can easily lift the box.

✅【Leather Catchall Tray:Tea Machine】You can store daily snacks, pet food, various sachets and cups filled with food, coffee and coffee cups, etc. on top of Tea Machine maker and on the shelf at the entrance.

✅【Valet tray:Home nightstands and dressing tables.】It can be used as a storage for makeup,which can prevent the liquid from leaking out of makeup and serve to protect your small table.Personal items on the bed can also be placed in this can protect the nightstand.

✅【Storage box:storage of children's toys】Children toys are always an annoying thing to clean up,in children drawings,writing,put the children pens, erasers, small toys and other small things together in the box, easy for children to find, at the same time can achieve a neat table.

✅【A perfect gift for 】PUPUFU desk mat for desktop and organizer has beautiful gift packaging, can be made directly as a gift for the holidays, send loved ones,friends,teachers,classmates,colleagues of a gift.

✅【What You Get】Desk cover mat 1Pcs and Leather Valet Tray 1Pcs,it has a strong practical value for desk padevery home and office,the sales price is half of the normal market price for you to save money,but you will get two perfectly combined products,If there is anything about the product that makes you unsatisfied,you can refund and exchange the product.

How to install the storage box

Step 1 Open the box and put the bottom of the box flat.

Step 2 Put the sides of the box, press on the bottom of the box and flip one side.

Step 3 Press the buttons on the four corners of the box.

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